Sunday, September 04, 2005

Late Night Wanderings 'Bout Town

I enjoyed a fun and rather eventful Saturday night in my humble hometown last evening. It started with Katie and Karen coming over and we went out for dinner at Tony's Pizza. This is also where my sister waitresses and we had the best waitress in the world! After a yummy dinner, we headed to the Polish Home, my favorite local watering hole. There, we hung out with Bill, Bret, Chris, and Jenn. They have an awesome jukebox and pool for $1! So we played a couple games of pool and drank some beer. At closing time, Jenn, Bret, Bill, and myself were the last of our group left. Our next destination was Sherban's Diner, where I ate way too much food. Funny story regarding the diner. We had 2 designated drivers--Jenn and Bret. So I get in the car with Jenn and Bill gets in with Bret. Jenn and I are getting in the car, and 2 hoodlums are waving at us from inside the diner. I alternate telling Jenn, "Lets get out of here," and blowing this one dude kisses! Finally, I tell her to hightail it because he is now not in the diner but came outside after us. So, as Jenn is pulling away, I open my window, and am blowing the guy kisses and telling him I love him. I didn't mean it. It was just pretty darn funny okay.

After Sherbans, we headed to the playground. Let me tell you that this one school in my town has an awesome playground and we were there for hours playing around. There were moments I laughed so hard, my abdomen was hurting!

So now its 5am. Time to go home. Bill had to be at work at 9. But, Jenn wanted coffee. So we head to Dunkin Donuts and drink more coffee and eat some donuts. We were there until 6am! Funny thing--at 5.30 am, in walks our bartender, Tom, from the Polish Home. He is dressed for golf and says he didn't sleep much. I told him we haven't slept yet. Tom already knew that. He saw us at the diner, he says, and then here at Dunkin Donuts.

Anyway, that was my fun and crazy Saturday night. Anybody up for partying tonight??? ;)

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