Thursday, September 01, 2005


I just made a donation to a group called America's Second Harvest to help those affected by Katrina. They work to bring food to those in need. If you can, why not make a donation to them or the Red Cross ? We really are VERY lucky, aren't we, when you think of what those people are dealing with down there?

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Sharkie Davis Blayne said...

Let's just say Katrina is an unfortunate event. However it has given you a chance to grow by doing something good for fellow Americans in need. You should feel very good about yourself for your donation. Doing things to help others is a positive way to recover the strife that life delivers us. Also Katrina allows you to see that people are going through alot worse things in life than a breakup. People have lost homes, family etc. So this event gives you a chance to focus on what important things you still do have.