Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Best Inventions Ever

I'm sorry I haven't posted in close to a week. Know why? I've been very busy enjoying my 2 new toys--very possibly the greatest inventions ever.

1. I purchased a pressure cooker from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Women my mother's age told me,"Don't do it!" They said, "They're not safe!" I'm glad I didn't listen. The new cookers are 100 percent safe and reduce cooking time by up to 70 %. It looks like a regular 6 quart pot with a lock-on lid. The food can, therefore, cook at high temperatures at high pressure. So far, I've cooked dry beans for an Indian soup called sambar in 10 minutes as oppose to an hour and half. I've steamed artichokes in 9 minutes as oppose to 45! This thing also is capable of cooking risotto in 7 minutes WITHOUT the constant stirring! Did I say Wow?

2. I purchased a heated blanket from Target . For $32, I got the twin-sized--its only for me and Norton. It plugs in and has 10 different heat settings. Its wonderful. I go to bed all warm and cozy--and Norton loves it too. Its even machine washable! By the way, if you click on the link, you'll see the blanket I'm talking about. However, the website states its more money and its out of stock. I bought it in the store for less last week.


Indira said...

Good for you Marisa, pressure cooker looks very stylish, mine is almost 10 year old Hawkins model, still working great.
I don't understand the phobia of pressure cookers here in US. I don't know about really old models(60s, 70s), but the the new ones make the cooking (any style) a breeze.

Miss President said...

I LOVE my electric blanket. If you go back into my posts from this winter (probably January) you'll see me sing its praises. They are beautiful things, really.

(and the pressure cooker sounds cool, too.)

:) Happy Thanksgiving! :)