Tuesday, November 08, 2005


If you have friends, you're the luckiest girl or guy on the planet. If you have great friends, thats even better! Someone asked me online tonight, if it bothers me to be single. Isn't it hard, this person, asked me. That irked me! First of all, this person is single too--and I am not going to settle just so I'm not single any longer! When I meet the right person, I'll know it. Do I get lonely sometimes? Don't we all?

I'm chilling to some James Taylor and just listened to a sweet song he sings called "Fourth of July," about the foundations of a new friendship. We forget how exciting it can be to make a new friend! Staying up talking and learning about one another! Friends are grand! Here's an excerpt from the song I gaily speak of...

Shall I tell it again how we started as friends
who would run into one another now and again.
At the Yippee Cai O or the Mesa Dupree, or a dozen different everyday places to be.
I was living alone, we were ever so brave on the telephone.
Would you care to come down for fireworks time,
we could each just reach, we step out of line.

Smile. :) Smile big!


Anonymous said...

Friends are very important to every individual. This is why I hold all my friends on a pedestal; sometimes even if they wrong me; my friends mean the world to me. I also love run on sentences.

Jesser said...

Friends are the BEST! I don't know what I'd do without them. Fortunately, I get to count a lot of my family amongst my friends and my husband is my BEST friend.

So glad I *finally* noticed your comment and came to visit you. The site's great and I'll definitely be back.