Sunday, November 13, 2005


I'm now home in New Jersey. Home from beautiful, chilly, snowy, windy, sunny Vermont. Only there for 2 days but depressed to not be there anymore. Is that a sign that my home is there and not here? This happens everytime I go there. I come home and get sad and depressed. Today its going to be 65 degrees in NJ. What is that about? Its almost winter! In Vermont, we ate good food, drank good drink, did some antiquing and shopping, drove up mountains and bundled up with hats and mittens and scarves. We met some nice people and learned that its still much cheaper to live in Vermont than NJ, even though prices ARE rising there too. I sorta made a new friend there too--which leads me to believe that if I moved, how hard could it be to make some friends? But do I want to leave my friends and family here? Of course not...I don't know what I'll do. Stay or leave, I don't know. I'm 27 and single with only a dog and cat to care for. This is is my chance for greatness and bravery and trying something I've always wanted to do...I'll keep you posted.


Jesser said...

I've only been to VT once. We stayed in Bennington at the Molly Stark Inn. I loved it there! :)

You might really dislike CO if you don't like unseasonable weather. It's been in the 60s all month. Just finally cooled down last night. But now it's supposed to get nice again! argh!

curlygirl said...

I think ALMOST anywhere is cheaper to live than NJ, right? But I don't think I could leave since my family lives here.
Good Luck trying to's a tough one.