Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year, New Me

I heard somebody use that phrase yesterday: "New Year, New Me." It's catchy and I like it--but at the same time, do I want a whole new ME? No, I like quite a bit about myself. I think its perfectly healthy to make one or two New Years Resolutions. But I also think its just as important to think about the good things that we accomplished in 2005. When I first began pondering that question, I couldn't think of anything. Me? What did I accomplish? I got a new car and a new computer. But thats not an accomplishment. Is falling in and out of love an accomplishment? No, I don't think so either. So, you're now wondering, what did I accomplish? I accomplished..."finding" my Jewish self. Thats a pretty important accomplishment, I think. I spent the last 10 years thinking about spirituality and exploring different religions. It wasn't until I began learning about my own that I found a perfect fit. In 2006, my resolution is to continue my healthy eating regimen and working out more. Cheers to all my readers on accomplishing their goals in 2005! Good luck on your 2006 resolutions!

PS...for those of you who were wondering how my date today went well and he says he'll call tonight. I'll keep Y'all posted!

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Jesser said...

I hate to be cheesy and made-for-tv-movie about it, but I really like the "newness" of the new year. I like the idea of new years resolutions. I like my mom's addage, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." I guess I'm just optimisitic like that.

But I never want to change ALL of me. I too like a lot about myself. Hmmm ... maybe there is a post here. ;)