Thursday, January 05, 2006

What a week...

It's certainly not easy to go back to work/school after having a nice, long, relaxing vacation. We had Monday off, so I only worked three days this week so far but it feels like the longest week ever! Yesterday, I ended up at the doctor yet again! Last week, it was for bronchitis. This time, it was a sharp, throbbing pain in the big toe of my left foot. As it turns out, it is an ingrown toenail. Nothing too awful but that means more antibiotic and foot soaks twice a day (ahhh).

Dating Update: Tomorrow is Date #3 with Jdate #6. I have a good feeling about this guy. Our first two dates have been lunch and coffee. Safe choices for the first couple dates. Tomorrow will be a little more risque as we are having dinner and seeing a movie!

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Jesser said...

Wow!! Good luck on your date ... sounds vair exciting. I'm pulling for ya!

It is absolutely amazing how those short weeks can just drag on forever. Feel better ... hubby has had ingrown toenails. We finally got him a pedicure 1x/month for like 4 months and it seems to have helped (my mom's nail tech suggested that). It'd probably be much more pleasant for you than it was for him ... hehe :)