Sunday, April 08, 2007

Another Meme...

You'd think I'd be tired of these things by now. But, alas, I never am. I wasn't even tagged. But I'm doing it anyway.

A- Available or Single?

Happily, I can say neither.

B- Best Friend?
Wow. This is hard. I don't think I can choose one best friend. There's several I'd like to mention. In no particular order--Robin, Jenn, Katie, Karen, Michelle. If I left somebody out--sorry.

C- Cake or Pie?
Cake. With chocolate.

D- Drink of Choice?
Water with lemon.

E- Essential Item?
Cell Phone. Candy Apple Red (my eMac).

F- Favourite Colour?
Pink and/or orange.

G- Gummi Bears or worms?
Do sour patch kids count? Well, if not, I'd say gummy bears.

H- Hometown?

I- Indulgence?
Dark chocolate. Ice cream. Indian food.

J- January or February?
February. We get a few days off in February. Plus its Valentines Day. And SOMEBODY's birthday falls in February.

K- Kids?
Not yet, but one day. Hopefully, two or three.

L- Life is incomplete without?
Love. Family. Good friends. Cuddly pets.

M- Marriage date?
Aug. 3, 2008? And, to all my readers with their mouths agape--no, we are not engaged yet.

N- Number of siblings?
Two. A brother, Ryan, and a sister, Ashley. Both younger.

O- Oranges or apples?

P- Phobias/fears?
Heights, but only sometimes. Hiking up steep terrains tends to give me panic attacks.

Q- Favorite Quote?
You must be the change you wish to see in the world (Mahatma Ghandi).

R- Reasons to smile?
Eric. My big, goofy dog. Other big, goofy dogs. Pumpkin's meow. Snow days.

S- Season?
Autumn. My birthday's in the fall, plus Halloween. Cool, crisp weather, and you're never too old to jump in piles of leaves. Apple picking. Pumpkin picking. Thanksgiving. Teacher Convention week (three days off)! Okay, there's lots of reasons, but I'll just stop here.

T- Tag people
Jennifer, if she wants to do yet another survey.

U- Unknown fact about me
If I told y'all, it wouldn't be unknown anymore.

V- Vegetable you hate?
Brussel sprouts, I think. But I'm not sure if I've ever really tried one.

W- Worst habit?
Biting my lips.

X- X-rays you've had?
Spine. Chest. Toe. Nothing too exciting.

Y- Your favourite foods?
Dark chocolate. Ice cream. Indian food. Thai food, Ethiopian food.

Z- Zodiac?


jin said... Ace's answer to M was not for sure yet? Here I just left an excited comment over there & was going to leave one here, too.

Ok, about I say,
"Great spot catching him on misspelling vegetarian!"

Miss President said...

sorry. I just did an alphabet post... and wasn't it because of you?