Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sunday with my Sweetie

Busy, busy week! I've been on Spring Break all week and Eric came home on Saturday from his trip to Scotland! I missed him lots and I'm glad he's home now! Being off all week makes me really excited for summer!

On Sunday, Eric and I enjoyed an adventure in New York. I decided to drive in--our first stop was Union Square. We first had lunch at Cafe Spice, an Indian restaurant part of a local chain. I'd eaten there once before at their Philadelphia location. The food was good--though I've had better Indian for sure! (I live almost right in the heart of New Jersey's Little India!) Our adventure continued at the Strand Bookstore--home to 18 miles of new, used and rare books! The Strand is one of my NYC favorites! You can easily spend hours there perusing their 3 levels of books and spend a ton of money on half-price and $1 sale books. Just about everything there is half price with the exception of some new bestsellers and rare books. I got away with spending only about 27 dollars and I came home with 5 books! I did get a copy of the book I'd been eying for a while. It's written by none other than Amy Sedaris, sister of one of my favorite authors, David Sedaris.

Lunch at Cafe Spice

After our visit to the Strand (Eric's first!), we hopped back in the car and headed uptown to Zabar's, "NYC's gourmet epicurean emporium." It was my first visit to Zabar's--but guess what? Remember the scene in You've Got Mail where Meg Ryan's character, Kathleen Kelly is grocery shopping and ends up in the cash only line when Tom Hanks's character, Joe Fox helps her out. Yup. That takes place at Zabars. So Zabars is a place which is not only way too crowded (and therefore can be stressful) but is filled with lots of yummy and expensive foodstuffs. Specialty coffees and cheeses and chocolates...making me hungry...(hmm...we have a fridge full of their yumminess!)

Munkee and Monkey!

So that was our day. We almost ran out of gas on the GWB because foolish me thought I had enough gas to get us into the city and back. Sigh. Eric was right. But we made it out just fine for me to get gas in NJ. And we survived our first NYC outing together.


Miss President said...

Isn't it such fun to have an adventure day in the city with your Sweetie?? It's one of my favorite things. Zabar's is still on my list... but the Strand is an absolute favorite.

"Knock, Knock."
"Who's there?"
"Orange Who?"
"Orange you going to give us a break by zipping this card through the credit card machine?"

"come on.... zip zip!"

Jesser said...

Ahh... NYC is so much fun. Must get back sooooon! Anxious to hear how the Amy Sedaris book is. Looks funny!

Stewie said...

Eric does look a little like a chimp in that pic.

Excellent shot, and thank you for posting it!