Sunday, April 29, 2007

Where Pierogies Meet Punk...

...Warsaw is where its at! I did not make up that catchphrase about pierogies and punk. At the live music venue, Warsaw, housed at Brooklyn's very own Polish National Home, there was a sign advertising, "where pierogies meet punk," at the food stand. A food stand which includes Polish staples like pierogies and kielbasa. I decided I had to sample the authentic pierogies...I mean for $5, you get a whole plate of pierogies with sour cream and applesauce. After drinking my Polish draft beer (which was very similar to Miller Light, mind you), I couldn't resist the craving for authentic Polishness. Keep in mind that I'm probably 75% Polish but my experience with pierogies are limited to the Mrs. T's, straight from the freezer aisle. I mean those are very good, but these were certainly the real thing. Potato with bits of sauerkraut. Yummy.

I blogged about Warsaw back in January when I was there for another show. This time around, I was there with my now Brooklynite-vegan-mischievous-free-spirit-friend, Amber, to see Josh Rouse. What an interesting venue. You walk into this huge room which is reminiscent of a high school gym with a stage and even a balcony. Okay so most high school gymnasiums do not have balconies. Nor do they have polish beer.

About the show. Yeah, the reason we were there in the first place. Josh Rouse was amazing. It was my first time seeing him live. He's an amazing artist. Rouse is an indie singer-songwriter who, after residing in central Tennessee for several years, hence his album titled Nashville, picked up for a small town in Spain to be with a girl he was dating. Within the first week of living in a quiet town in Spain, Rouse's last album was written, titled Subtitulo. Check him out if you haven't. Rouse's music is filled with infectious melodies and its got a mellow sound which is great to chill out to day or night.

But the "No Moshing" signs at Warsaw need to go. Nobody's going to mosh to this music!
(I cannot take credit for the above photo. Because I'm too much of a wuss to bring my own camera to shows, I borrowed one from Rouse's myspace.)

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