Monday, April 16, 2007

Nearly Drowned by this Weekend's Nor-Easter

All right, well, I didn't nearly drown. However, after receiving something like 8.5 inches of rain this weekend, New Jersey is the wettest its been in years. Even though I had to work today, our state was in a state of emergency. At least fifty roads were closed and thousands of people have been evacuated because of floodwaters. This picture I've posted is taken by John Munson for the Star Ledger. No, its not a picture of New Orleans. Its downtown New Brunswick.

Though I had no problems getting to work, I did have problems getting to Eric's tonight. I promised him I'd make sure that his home was not underwater. Well, unfortunately every road I could think of to get there was closed due to floodwaters. Better luck getting there tomorrow.


Jesser said...

Yikes!! I will not moan about the drizzle we're getting today. Actually, I wouldn't moan about it anyhow cuz I like rain ... though if I got that much, I'd probably change my mind.

Ace said...

We are SO not going to Makeda's when I get back.

Until the old man puts the animals away downtown.