Sunday, April 08, 2007

Getting older?

I'm writing a post on aging, a year and a half until I turn 30. The idea of turning 30 doesn't scare me. The idea of turning 29 doesn't worry me...even though I am in my 2nd to last year in my twenties.

I have a friend who hides her age like it's a dirty scar. She's 29 years old. She wants people to believe that she's still 23. See, that, I don't get. As I tell her, we look a lot better now than we did at 23! We're more settled in our lives now. I have a car with four-wheel drive, power locks and a moonroof! Sure, I had fun in my early twenties. But I don't want to go back. My quarter-life crisis is past me. I'm in a stable and happy relationship now.

So, when I turn 30, I'll party like I was still--28. Because I can't party like I'm still 21. I'm just not physically capable of it. I mean, when you're 21, drinking too much is cute. Maybe. But certainly not at 30.

Last weekend, another of my girlfriends spent the night at my house. She asked me for eye cream. I was kind of surprised that she's using eye cream already. Until a couple days after that when I took a close look at my eyes and found the first couple fine lines.

Ouch. I guess it's time to embrace the end of my youth. Well, at least the grey hairs haven't started coming in yet.

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Miss President said...

You're lucky about the gray hairs. I got my first one in college! But I don't think that is a sign of aging, at least not a huge one - I knew a guy in high school who was getting some salt-and-pepper hair at that time. But I know what you mean about not being as young as we were - and how silly it makes us sound, really!