Monday, April 02, 2007


Still fightin' this sore throat. But, now, I have the added bonus of what I believe to be bronchitis. I'm trying every natural remedy I know of. The apple cider vinegar and the cayenne and lots of tea and echinachea. According to webmd, 90% of bronchitis cases are viral and it takes about 2 weeks to get better. So I'm hoping that I'll get better without having to resort to nasty antibiotics.

On Friday, I went to one of my favorite stores and purchased myself a Frogger humidifier. How cool is this? I first saw this little bugger when Jessica posted about these cool humidifiers a while back. It was between Hello Kitty and Froggy but I think I made a good choice.


Miss President said...

How cute is that??? I love it. I've been meaning to get one myself, and that one is so adorable! :) (and cool that your book signing brought you something better than just the normal signature! I've been meaning to read some of his stuff... I hear that they are very good!) :)

Miss President said...

ps: hope you're on the road to recovery soon! :)

Jesser said...

Oh yea, Froggy is way cute. ;) I think little one may inherit ours for her nursery when she actually starts inhabiting it ... it matches well.

I hope you are well on the road to recovery. Never underestimate the power of a strong hot toddy. ;)