Monday, August 29, 2005

Extraordinary Me

We all have those devils and angels that live within us. The devils point out our failures and insecurities and the angels point out our strong points and tell us we'll be okay. Sooo...thanks to some suggestions from Dave, maybe I'll list some of the things that make me extraordinary...the angels are making me do this, I swear!

1. I'm strong (sometimes).
2. I can love.
3. I have faith.
4. I'm wacky, fun, and unique...I'm ME.
5. I've been hurt before and I've bouced back. I can do it again.

5 Goals

1. Engage in a healthier lifestyle (ie No more chocolate and go to the gym!)!
2. Keep up with my knitting. Learn to knit alligator mittens (from Stitch and Bitch Nation).
3. Spend time with ME. Work on loving me.
4. Spend time with my wonderful, amazing, awesome, loving friends. I have the best
friends in the world. Really.
5. Stay away from dating for a long period of time.

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