Thursday, August 25, 2005

My Brilliant eMac

Well, well, well, I finally did it. With my brand-spanking-new-no-APR-for-6-months-Visa, I got my eMac. Wow, life is certainly sweeter on a Mac, isn't it? I absolutely love it. Everything is fun and easy on this baby. I've been enjoying creating a documentary of Norton on iMovie. iPhoto is absolutely brilliant--the photos on here that I took look 1000 times better than they looked on my Dad's Dell. I love the photo quality and even the red eye reduction works! It didn't work on my Camedia program that came with my digital camera! I've already downloaded some fun widgets. Dancing Monkeys and Hula Girls and a Tigergotchi thing. My sister downloaded the HotorNot widget because I love rating people on there. If you can't get these widgets (if you don't have a Mac), then go to this site ( and have some fun. Sorry, I couldn't insert a link. Blogger doesn't like me today and won't let me do it! I'm sure my blog will soon get much cooler because I'm using a Mac. I'm sure I will get better at computing now.

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