Sunday, August 14, 2005

Road Trippin!

Well, inspired by Jennifer's post on Thursday and my semi-boring Saturday night, I called a couple guy friends, Andy and Dennis, and suggested a road trip to Dave and Busters in the Palisades Mall in Rockland County, NY. Sunday afternoon traffic was not bad and we made it to the megamall in about an hour. We ate a delicious lunch at Dave and Busters first--for me, it was a salad, poblano chili, avocado and shiitake quesadillas, and a few forkfuls of Andy's and Dennis's chocolate desserts. So so yummy! Then we spent a good hour in the supersized arcade. I love simulator games and I played a variety of racing games--whitewater rafting, motorcycle, horse racing, 18 wheeler--and skeeball! A $14 card lasted me an hour and after Dennis and Andy shared their tickets with me, I was able to "buy" a little stuffed dog--Pupster the Cuddlemonkey, he is to be called, along with a mini-frisbee, and a yo-yo. Thanks guys! Can I say that this was my first experience in Dave and Busters OR the mall and I was amazed by both! This was the largest mall, I'd ever entered--4 levels, a zillion stores and restaurants, including an IMAX theatre! It was a fun day but I'm looking forward to a relaxing evening at home tonight!

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Miss President said...

Wow! You were right in my neighborhood, weren't you? Glad to know you had fun at D&B - it is a great place, and they do have good food. :)