Monday, August 08, 2005

My busy weekend

Well I enjoyed a fun but very busy weekend. I spent Friday night at Karen's in Spring Lake. We sat on the boardwalk and watched the ocean crash with Robin and then had ice cream here. Saturday night, Jenn, Dennis, Andy and I went to New Hope, Pa. Its a great town for those of you whom have never been! We ate dinner and sampled the local brew at Triumph Brewery. Then we went here and to another bar where we sat at the outside bar. It was a fun evening but a late night! Sunday, Andy, Dave and I checked out the Middlesex County Fair. We had a good time there until it rained, then went to Barnes and Nobles, Ruby Tuesday and Coldstone Creamery.

Today I woke up absolutely exhausted from my weekend but went to my very first knitting class. I didn't do so bad! Then paid a visit to my doctor to learn I have strep,fun...

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